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Any Technology. Test Automation for Multiple Environments, Devices and Software Applications.

Test automation on any desktop, web or mobile software. Supported technologies include .NET, Winforms, WPF, Java, SAP, HTML5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, iOS, Android, Windows Apps (Native/Hybrid) and many more. Learn more about Automated Testing of Desktop, Web and Mobile Software.

Reduce Test Automation Maintenance.

Ranorex's market leading GUI object recognition handles any kind of modern application, including dynamically built user interfaces. Combined with a powerful object mapping editor, you can significantly decrease test maintenance - this is especially important for agile teams. Learn more about maintainable recordings with the Automated Test Recorder.

Broad Acceptance. Multiple Teams, Different Skill Sets and Responsibilities.

Ranorex offers complete flexibility with script-free testing for non-programmers and a professional API for C# and VB.NET to enhance test suites and recordings. Set up and share reusable modules within your test team. Learn more about the broad acceptance of Test Automation Tools.

Seamless Integration - The Maximum of Flexibility.

Integrate Ranorex into any development or testing process. Trigger single test cases or a complete suite of tests from continuous integration systems or any test management tool. Learn more about Continuous Integration Testing.

Low Entry Barrier + Reasonable Price = Quick ROI!

Ranorex is both easy to use and affordable - even for small testing teams. In contrast to other commercial tools, you only need one license to get all the tools and cover all of the technologies and platforms. Learn more about the Benefits of Using Ranorex.

Testing Types

Cross-browser Testing

Test and validate your web application across the most popular browsers including IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Data-driven Testing

Simply run one and the same test case with different test data using data sources like CSV files, Excel sheets or common data bases

Automated Functional Testing

Check whether your application works as expected by validating simple text values, application-internal properties or images.

Regression Testing

Use Ranorex for regression testing in continuous build environments to uncover new software bugs much faster and finally to reduce the costs of fixing them.

Automated GUI Testing

Test your application through the graphical user interface of any desktop, web or mobile application to check it against the application's specifications.

Keyword-driven Testing

Build abstractions to simplify the reusability of keywords and common automation steps. Share them within a team to create new automated test cases.

Not only is Ranorex's solution one of the most powerful and easy to use, it has one of the lowest cost entry points resulting in a quicker ROI and their end user support and communication has been second to none.

Christofer Gendreau
Hard Dollar

With Ranorex Premium the identification of the objects, ease of setup and scripting, and overall programming interface exceeded those of the other tools.

Roy Enneper

I am extremely impressed by the suite of tools from Ranorex and rapid and detailed support on offer; This is arguably the best automation tool suite I have used in nearly 8 years of testing.

Phil Scrace
Red Gate Software Ltd