What you will learn

Ranorex User Interface
  • Basic introduction to Ranorex Studio
  • Difference between a module and a test case
Ranorex Recorder
  • Record user actions
  • Replay generated recordings
  • Modify and extend existing recordings
  • Split a big recording into small reusable modules
Ranorex Repository
  • Basic understanding of the repository
  • Repository as the single point of maintenance
Ranorex Test Suite
  • Create a test case
  • Reuse modules
Ranorex Report
  • Basic understanding of a Ranorex report
Mobile Automation
  • Prepare a mobile device for testing
  • Prepare a mobile application for testing
  • Add a mobile endpoint
  • Understand the endpoint list
  • Run tests on different endpoints
Cross Technology Testing
  • Set up a cross technology test
  • Instantly reuse existing modules


Language: English
Duration: 60 min

Basic Mobile

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Recorded: May 9, 2017
Language: English
Ranorex Version: 7.0.0


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