The Ranorex Product Roadmap lists significant features which we plan to implement in the near future. The roadmap is not all-inclusive, but outlines areas where you can expect new functionalities and improvements.

The timeline offers an indication when a feature should become available based on the current state of our product planning.

Please consider that features and release dates are subject to change as requirements, priorities, and implementation efforts are fine-tuned over time. However, we will make every effort to keep changes to our roadmap to a minimum.

Ranorex continuously monitors customer demands, market trends, and emerging technologies. To allow for ongoing innovation and deliver the best possible tools to its users, Ranorex may update the roadmap from time to time.

The feature you are looking for is not on our product roadmap? Let us know how we can better meet your automated testing needs and sumbit a feature request on Ranorex User Voice.

Last modified on: 2017/02/27

Ready (implemented and delivered with Release 6.2)

  • Technology Support
    • iOS: Support for WKWebView control allowing automation of interactive web content
    • Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF): Support for CEF and related frameworks:
      • CEF
      • CefSharp
      • Electron
      • NW.Js
      • QtWebEngine
  • Working in Teams
    • User Code Libraries can be created as method collections, designed by programmers. Those methods can be selected via a newly designed dialog.

Preparing for Shipment

  • Technology Support
    • WPF: More intelligent and comfortable object recognition for both standard and third party controls.
    • Web Testing: Introducing support for Microsoft Edge, macOS (Safari) and Linux in web test automation.
  • Test Suite optimizations
    • Test suite behavior and structure are adapted.
    • To better comply with report processing standards (JUnit) the report structure is adapted.

In Progress

  • Working in Teams
    • Global data sources: Easily share data sources within a solution across multiple test suites by separating data sources from the test suite.
    • Guide: Increase team productivity with these established practices for designing, building and maintaining solutions outlined in the new “How to work in teams” guide.


  • Studio Usability
    • Conditional Execution: Define conditions for individual modules execution.
  • Working in Teams
    • Reduced file modifications in repository: Maximize team efficiency when working with version control systems by decreasing the amount of code changes for repository modifications.
    • Multiple Test Suites: Create multiple test suites within one Project and easily reuse them in other Projects to save time and increase flexibility.
You have not found the feature you are looking for? Let us know how we can better meet your automated testing needs and submit a feature request on Ranorex User Voice.
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