Release 6.2

Chromium Embedded Framework Support

Test your hybrid desktop applications with Ranorex 6.2.

The open-source Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is great for embedding web content in desktop applications. Much loved and requested by our customers, we now also support testing of applications using the following Chromium-based frameworks:

  • CEF
  • CefSharp
  • Electron
  • NW.Js
  • Qt WebEngine

Learn how to test CEF applications

Chromium embedded framework automation

User Code Library

A place for each skill in your team.

Sometimes the recorder just is not enough to test it all. But not everyone on a team has to be a great coder. That is why Ranorex 6.2 introduces the user code library. It is a central place where you can find user code collections and methods that have been created within a test automation solution. While coders in a team can add user code methods to this library, other team members can directly access these methods from there and use them in their tests without having to dip into code.

Learn more about the user code library

User code library
Release 6.1

Solution Settings

Save settings directly in the solution to facilitate working in teams and on multiple projects.

You can now choose where you would like to store your solution settings: Save technology-specific settings directly in the solution and user settings locally on your machine. You can rest assured that everyone in a team automatically uses the same settings when working on a test automation solution.

  • Check in settings directly with the solution into a version control system 
  • Share and deploy technology-specific settings directly with the solution 
  • Switch test environments without manually changing the settings

Learn more about solution settings

test automation solution settings

Progressive Report Preview

View test report during test execution.

It's time to be curious! Test reports of test automaton projects can take a long time. You would like to know how many test cases have failed so far? Go on, check it – the earlier you know, the faster you can react. Ranorex saves test results in configurable intervals. You can now open the progressive report and view results without disrupting the test run. 

Learn more about the progressive report preview

progressive report preview
Release 6.0

Ranorex Remote

Simultaneous testing in different environments and enhanced team collaboration — nothing if not brilliant. 

Directly from Ranorex Studio, you can now deploy your tests to multiple Ranorex Agents for remote test execution. Continue working on your computer during remote test execution, and receive an automatic notification once the test has been executed and the report is ready. Your colleagues can view which tests ran on a specific agent and have full access to all test reports.

Learn more about how Ranorex Remote works

  • Set up Ranorex Agents on physical or virtual machines
  • Manage Ranorex Agents from Ranorex Studio using the Remote Pad
  • Simultaneously run multiple tests in different environments 
  • Continue working on your computer during remote test execution 
  • Automatic notification once test has been executed and report is ready  
Remote software testing

Git Meets Ranorex 

Version control your automated tests with Git. 

For the first time now, Ranorex supports a decentralized version control system: Git. The benefits? Full access to all Git functionalities within Ranorex Studio and enhanced collaboration between teams. 

Learn how to use Git in Ranorex 

Git automated testing

Ranorex 6.0 Rocks!

Watch our top features in just one minute.

Test run without debugger

Speed Up Your Test Run

Test run without debugger is twice as fast.  

Take control back into your hands. Up to now, a debugger was automatically attached to the test run in Ranorex Studio. But let's face it: Debugging significantly affects the test execution time, and should only be enabled when needed. That's why automated tests now run without debugger by default. Whenever you do need the debugging functionality, you can easily enable it. 

Learn how to run tests with and without debugger in Ranorex 

Improved User Experience 

Boost your productivity with this Ranorex Studio update. 

Fresh Design 

We've taken the design up a notch — all fresh and new, it reflects the awesome capabilities of our product and makes for an incredible user experience. See for yourself!

Save Time Coding

Using the tab key, you can now access multiple code templates (e.g. all kinds of loops). This update further makes new refactoring services and context specific sub menu functionalities available. 

Multiple Items, One Click 

Drag & drop multiple repository items to the action table and define the action that should be performed for all of them with one single click. Additional multi-select modifications can be done in the properties pane. 

Less Merge Conflicts

The new test suite file format decreases the number of code changes and merge conflicts when checking in changes into a version control system. 

Open Solutions Faster 

In the spirit of improving your testing experience, we've got more good news for you: large solutions now open up to 20% faster. Try it out! 

Snapshot Creation Dialog 

If you require application specific support with Ranorex, we need a snapshot to exactly analyze your application under test. With the new snapshot creation dialog, you'll receive notifications on potential problems, status updates and the number of objects included in the snapshot.

Learn how to create a snapshot with Ranorex Spy 

Automatic Solution Backup

Stop worrying about your projects being corrupted when updating Ranorex Studio. Now, an automatic backup of your entire solution, including all projects, will be created prior to updating to the latest version. A report will inform you if an error has occurred during the update.