Start automating your Flash/Flex user interface testing – find bugs earlier and faster.

The Ranorex Automation Framework enables automated UI testing of Flash and Flex applications using instance names and Flash/Flex internal attributes.

Capture and replay your Flash/Flex user actions directly in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Flash/Flex Test Automation - Features

  • Test automation of Flash, Flex 3, Flex 4 and AIR 2 applications
  • Read/set attributes and styles
  • Object-based capture & replay editor
  • Maintainable GUI object mapping
  • Ranorex Loader - no need to modify your code
  • Multiple Technologies: .NET (C', VB.NET), WPF, Web 2.0, QT, Java(SWT)
  • Professional Library: .NET automation library for C# and VB.NET
  • Cross-browser Testing of Flash/Flex Applications



    ...We were able to quickly use it to record everything from simple to complex testcases, fine-tune and run them. Components are identified by an Xpath like dialect (RanoreXpath), which is automatically written for you when recording or when using the Ranorex Spy tool...

    — Josselin Lebret» Read why Ranorex is best in flex UI test automation

    After evaluation of seven (7) UI automation tools to support our flex application we identified Ranorex as the tool that best met our requirements. With Ranorex Premium the identification of the objects, ease of setup and scripting, and overall programming interface exceeded those of the other tools.

    — Roy Enneper, SIS-Leb Engineering Mgr, TomTom

    I have seen many tools for automated tests, Ranorex certainly stands out from this group. It is characterized by a slightly different approach, which brings it into Highend products areas.

    — Marcin Zręda, Owner of » Ranorex Automation Tool Review

Automate your Flash/Flex