The Ranorex Test Recorder is much more than the capture/replay application that you may already be familiar with. Its actions table editor allows not only object-based capturing of user actions but also provides the ability to extend and maintain existing recordings easily via the integrated Ranorex repository. In addition to its excellent GUI object recognition, RanoreXPath ensures small and easily maintainable recordings.

Automated Test Recorder
Ranorex Recorder - the capture/replay editor

The main features include:

  • Capture and replay of any kind of user action
  • Integration of Ranorex repositories for object-based automation
  • Maintainable recordings via the actions table editor
  • Validation mode for use during recording sessions
  • Host and web applications support
  • Generation of C# and VB.NET source code
  • Support for embedded and external/linked repositories
  • Generation of Ranorex report files for every replay
  • Support for execution via command line

Ranorex Studio Integration

Use Ranorex Studio to manage multiple recordings within one test project. Extend recordings with user-defined automation code and increase efficiency with our integrated environment - Ranorex Spy, Repository Browser, Recorder and code editor - to enhance development and maintenance of test automation projects.
Manage multiple recordings within a Ranorex Studio project