Cross-Browser Web App Testing

The Ranorex Web Testing framework enables a simple way to automate and test any kind of web applications. With the help of the RanoreXPath web elements can be easily identified and filtered.

Automation on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Web UI Testing Automation - Features

The Ranorex Spy tool eases the development process of test scripts and provides an easy way to analyze websites.

Ranorex Spy for faster web site analyses and RanoreXPath generation
Easy-to-use validation mode with the Ranorex Recorder

Supported Technologies for Web Test Automation

HTML5 Test Automation, JavaScript Automated Testing, Ajax, Flash/Flex Test Automation, Silverlight, ASP.NET, Air, YUI library, Google Web Toolkit, Ext.Net, Ext JS, Java applet, jQuery, Sencha GXT, Sweetdev Ria, Dhtmlx, MochiKit, MooTools, Rico (Ajax), Pyjs, SmartClient, midori JavaScript Framework, Echo (Framework), Enyo,, ZK (Framework), ...

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