Functional UI Test Automation with Intelligent Test Design

Empower everyone on the team with an unbeatable combination of easy-to-use low-code/no-code automation tools and a full IDE for endless extensibility.

Trusted by over 4000 companies worldwide.

Ranorex Studio delivers a complete set of automation tools

Get faster feedback from testing while managing costs. Our customers report that a test automation investment with Ranorex Studio pays off! In a single package, get a powerful machine-trained object recognition engine and a complete set of easy-to-use automation tools for desktop, web, and mobile apps.

Ranorex Studio integrates with Jenkins, Jira, TestRail, and other leading DevOps tools to automate bug tracking and accelerate your release cycles.

Desktop Testing

 Automate tests on a Windows desktop, then execute locally or remotely on real or virtual machines.

Web Testing

Run tests in parallel to accelerate cross-browser testing for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and more.

Mobile Testing

Test on real iOS or Android devices, on simulators  /  emulators, or to a device farm. No jailbreaking

Test Design

Remove wasteful variation and inject important variation – generating fewer, more powerful scenarios.

Test Smarter Not Harder

Leverage test design with test automation and arm yourself with a cutting-edge test design platform and deliver higher quality software faster.

Ranorex Studio integrations diagram

Automated testing for your build and release process

Ranorex Studio test automation integrates with the tools you already use so you can build and release faster without sacrificing quality.

Why choose Ranorex Studio for test automation?

Tools for every skill level

Automation Tools

Get a complete set of automation tools to support the full range of skills on your team, from automation novices to experts.


Support your DevOps or CI/CD process by integrating test automation with Jenkins, Jira, or TestRail.

Parallel testing


Industry-leading technical support for desktop, web, and mobile app development technologies for iOS and Android.

Faster releases

Deliver Quality

Deliver quality applications and delight your customers. Use the link below to learn how test automation supports quality.

Faster Feedback

Get fast feedback from testing and release faster. Learn how test automation helps you build and release faster.

Parallel testing


Scale to support the pace of DevOps for any team. Use the link below to explore solutions for larger teams and enterprises.

Test automation success begins with Ranorex

Explore real validated reviews of users' chosen test automation software.

Start automating with Ranorex Studio today

Get all of this with your free trial:

  • Record-and-replay: robust capabilities to build tests without programming.
  • Full development environment: script in C# or VB.NET
  • All supported platforms: run tests on Windows desktop, all popular Web browsers, and Android or iOS devices, including real devices and simulators/emulators
  • Advanced functionality: Ranorex Spy for machine-trained object detection, Ranorex Coach for test healing, video reporting of test execution, PDF validation, and more.
  • Customizable test results reporting: generate HTML, PDF, or JUnit-compatible reports; then send test reports as email attachments.
  • Data-driven testing: pull test data from CSV or Excel files, or a SQL database
  • Flexible API interface: easily add Ranorex Studio tests to your CI/CD process by integrating with Jenkins, Travis CI, Git, and more.
  • Built-in integration with Jira and TestRail

Accelerate your software testing with Ranorex Studio. Our built-in tutorials and sample projects will help you be productive right away. Or, if you’re ready, you can review our pricing and buy now.

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