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Ranorex Studio: Functional UI Test Automation

Everyone from novice to expert can build sophisticated tests for desktop, web, and mobile.

Trusted by over 4000 companies worldwide

Test desktop, web and mobile applications

All-in-one test automation

Accelerate testing for desktop, web and mobile applications.

Ranorex Studio empowers testers with a complete toolset for end-to-end testing of desktop, web and mobile applications in a single license. Automate tests on a Windows desktop, and then execute them locally or remotely, on real iOS or Android mobile devices or on simulators/emulators. Run tests in parallel and accelerate cross-browser testing for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and more. With Ranorex Studio, you and your team will spend less time resolving issues with unstable tests and more time assessing the quality of your application.

Same-day productivity

Rapidly build and deploy reliable, maintainable automated tests – with or without coding.

Easy-to-use tools and a built-in methodology enable testers to create modular automation scripts that are efficient and maintainable, regardless of programming expertise.  Reach your test automation goals faster with Ranorex Studio.

Powerful reporting features

Keep your project on track with timely reports.Monitor the results of testing with an overview of the test execution flow, including pie charts, screenshots, and detailed error logs that are easily readable for testers, developers, and project managers alike. View a comprehensive test report within Ranorex Studio, save it as a PDF or automatically receive it as an email attachment. Customize the report to fit your needs. Generate JUnit-compatible reports for easy integration with CI tools. Reduce debugging time with video reporting of test execution. Jump directly into a failed test step from the test run report, or use the maintenance mode to repair tests on the fly while the test is still running.

Comprehensive test automation report

Verified user reviews. Proven results.

We used many tools as trials at the beginning. We realized that there are no tools better than Ranorex Studio: the UI is very easy to understand and easy to automate data-driven, reusable, and modular tests.

Direct feedback for the developers after check-ins. Saving 20-30 tester days in each regression cycle.

A global 500 professional services company

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Best automation tool in the market.

Rain Bird Corporation

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We chose Ranorex Studio for its ease of use, active development, and the wonderful community/support. Both technical and non-technical people are able to contribute to projects.

A Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Read the Techvalidate case study

Logos of .Net, Java, SAP, HTML 5, jQuery, Selenium Webdriver

Automate testing for any desktop, web or mobile technology

Whether you are testing a legacy desktop application or a native app for the latest mobile devices, a single Ranorex Studio license includes the technologies that you need. To read more about Ranorex Studio’s support for a specific technology, click one of the links below.

Top technologies:   Selenium WebDriver   .NET    ERP   iOS    Java

4K+ companies and 14K+ users
trust Ranorex solutions.

Accelerate delivery with continuous testing

UI test automation helps maximize your resources and deliver results at the pace of DevOps.

Get faster feedback: automated tests complete in a fraction of the time of manual testing.

  • Maximize your resources: run your automated tests 24/7, in parallel or distributed on a Selenium Grid.
  • Increase test coverage: automatically trigger smoke tests for each build, or execute a full or partial regression test suite for major releases. Run end-to-end tests to validate critical workflows.
  • Increase quality: free testers from repetitive manual tests so they can concentrate on an in-depth exploration of your application.

Wondering how to get started? Read our free white paper, Strategies for a Successful Test Automation Project, or watch the on-demand webinar.

Exceptional training and support

Testing support

Professional support

A Ranorex Studio license includes access to our expert support team as well as software maintenance. Need help deciding if Ranorex Studio is the right solution for your test automation goals? Our knowledgeable sales team will assist you through a “proof of concept” evaluation. Ranorex also offers value-add services to maximize the effectiveness of your Ranorex implementation and to ensure long-term success.

online and on-site training courses

Flexible training options

Gain valuable test automation skills in the way that best fits your needs. Watch live and on-demand webinars that cover topics from getting started through best practices. Or, connect with one of our training partners to learn more about onsite and online training. A certification program is available for testers who are ready to demonstrate their expertise with Ranorex.

Test automation resources

Valuable resources

The Ranorex Help Center is your one-stop shop for mastering test automation with Ranorex, with resources that will take you all the way from novice to expert. In addition to our detailed user guide, you will find tips for best practices, release notes, FAQs, “how to” screencasts, the Ranorex user forum and more. The tools you need for success are just a click away!

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