Agile Testing – Not Without Automation!

Fully leverage the benefits of agile software development and integrate functional automated tests in your continuous integration environment.  

What is agile testing?

Agile testing is an integral part of software development in an agile environment. It aims at fixing issues early and reacting to feedback fast to improve product quality and deliver valuable software to the customer faster and in frequent intervals. As testing starts earlier in the software development life cycle, it has become a team effort, in which people with different skill sets collaborate and share testing activities. To ensure a high level of quality in a rapidly changing environment and counteract challenges such as time pressure, a high level of automation is essential throughout the agile testing process. In short, agile software testing demands cross-functional teams, a continuous integration environment, a well thought-through test strategy, willingness to learn and change – and agile-friendly test automation tools.

Why use Ranorex for agile test automation?

More than ever before, teams need frequent, fast and reliable feedback from their automated tests, which have to plug in their continuous integration pipeline. This is where Ranorex excels. The functional test automation software fully integrates in existing development and QA environments, supports popular programming languages and has an open API to create custom test automation frameworks. At the same time, Ranorex offers a broad set of tools that enable team members with different skills to work together on test automation projects. See the benefits for yourself!

Ranorex Key Functionalities

Ensure highest product quality in an agile environment with the robust functional automated Ranorex tests.

integrate in development environment

Full Integration

Break down barriers between testing and development! Integrate automated testing in standard IDEs to continue using your favorite development and test management tools and create automated tests in the popular programming languages C# and VB.NET. 

Detailed Reporting

Find bugs early with the XML based test report that provides a comprehensive overview of the entire test execution flow. The easily understandable report is fully customizable and can be shared and viewed on machines Ranorex is not installed on to ensure a high level of transparency. 

robust tests

Robust and Flexible Tests

There is no time to update daily regression tests with each minor UI change. So don't! By separating test code from the identification information and utilizing the powerful RanoreXPath technology, Ranorex puts a focus on test maintainability and robustness against changes in the UI. 

lightweight test execution

Lightweight Test Execution

As the lightweight test automation projects result in executable .exe files, you can easily trigger automated tests from command line. The remote testing functionality further enables you to simultaneously run multiple tests in different test environments.

team collaboration

Collaborative Ability

Ranorex offers a broad set of tools suitable for script-free and manual test creation, making sure developers and testers can work together on projects. The Ranorex Object Repository forms the central point of collaboration and automatically applies changes both in code and recording modules to ease test maintenance. 

training and support

Updates, Training & Support

An active community, outstanding support, live getting started and advanced webinars, comprehensive online documentation and frequent software updates are important to keep your team up to speed and the test automation software up to date with technology trends. 

Key Benefits of Using Ranorex 

Find out how you and your team will benefit from using Ranorex for agile test automation.

The lightweight test automation software for your cross-functional team

Project Lead
  • Maximize productivity in your team, as Ranorex offers testing tools suitable for every skill level.
  • Keep initiation costs low, as Ranorex integrates in existing development and QA environments.
  • Stay updated on the current project status with the comprehensive test reports, which can be viewed on machines Ranorex is not installed on.

Collaborate on testing projects in a team with mixed skills

Developer & Tester
  • Easily create script-free robust automated tests using the intuitive Ranorex Recorder, or
  • Quickly create and edit tests entirely in C# and VB.NET.
  • Minimize test maintenance, as script-free automation modules and code based test scripts both access the same repository elements, which are maintained in the central Ranorex Object Repository.

Start testing early

Developer & Tester
  • Continue using the tools you are already familiar with, as Ranorex fully integrates in existing development and QA environments.
  • Embed Ranorex functional automated tests in your continuous integration process.
  • Benefit from full flexibility and create your own test automation framework with the publicly documented API.

Your all-in-one test automation software

Project Lead & Developer & Tester
  • Ensure test coverage across technology borders with the broad Ranorex technology support.
  • Create cross-device, cross-technology and cross-platform end-to-end tests in one solution.
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