Getting Started with GUI Testing Scenarios

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In GUI testing, the application’s user interface is tested, and it is verified if the application functions correctly. GUI testing is an integral part of the software development process. All possible user interactions, including keyboard and mouse events, as well as graphical control elements of the user interface (UI) are tested. These tests are both time consuming and expensive. Testing and documenting all user scenarios manually would be an enormous and inefficient undertaking. This is why automated testing tools are essential in this process.

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Create out-of-the-box robust GUI test automation of desktop, web and mobile apps

With UI test automation tools from Ranorex, automating the testing process of any desktop, web or mobile software with graphical user interfaces could not be easier. Automated testing of graphical user interfaces with Ranorex guarantees consistent testing performance and ensures that software meets its written specifications.

The robust automation testing is based on market-leading GUI object recognition using the intelligent Ranorex Object Repository for recordings and test automation code. The Ranorex Object Repository maps technical identifiers to logically named user interface objects to further minimize maintenance effort. With the RanoreXPath identifier, dynamically built user interfaces are accurately recognized and uniquely identified.

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Easy-to-Use GUI Testing for Beginners and Experts

Benefit from cool features such as seamless integration, script-free UI test automation and Click & Go reports

The test automation of all forms of user interface elements is simplified by the Ranorex .NET library - a comprehensive API for users of Microsoft Visual Studio or the standard programming languages C# and VB.NET. A script-free UI test automation with drag and drop functionality is provided for non-programmers.

Ranorex GUI automation projects are easily integrated into existing development environments, thus allowing to extend continuous integration processes with Ranorex UI testing. Additionally, straightforward report generation helps to reduce debugging time.

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