Why SAP Test Automation with Ranorex?

Ranorex offers SAP test automation to increase the test coverage of business process testing. Automated SAP application testing with Ranorex allows the development of reusable and easy to maintain test frameworks for the entire SAP landscape. Along with constant test analysis, test reporting and the resulting elimination of routine tasks, Ranorex offers a more accurate, efficient and cost-effective test creation and automation of any SAP application. SAP automation testing with Ranorex ensures the effectiveness of SAP systems over the course of development and changes.
Many organizations use SAP software in their various departments to take care of everyday business processes. The variety of configurations and extensions possible increases the need for testing such business processes and mission-critical applications before releasing new SAP functionality to potentially thousands of users.
Forward-thinking companies seek high software quality, performance and reliability. Additionally, they want to accelerate the delivery of new system features to meet end-user and business needs. This makes testing essential, but manual testing of complex IT systems like SAP has its limitations - especially in terms of time investment.
SAP Automated Testing

Benefits of Testing SAP Applications with Ranorex

  • End-to-end system level test automation for SAP applications across different platforms, including desktop,
    web or mobile applications
  • Support for NETWeaver Business Client and SAP GUI Testing
  • Automated functional regression testing of continuously changing end-to-end business processes
  • Support for data-driven testing (SQL Databases, Excel, etc.)
  • Broader test coverage with minimum effort and risk for each SAP application
  • Cost-effective SAP test automation resulting in improved software quality
  • Test SAP applications at no additional cost