Busting the Security Myths in DevOps

Join Dan Billing, the Test Doctor, to examine techniques, tools, and learning that will drive progress toward your security goals.

​Security controls and practices can be built into the whole lifecycle of an application, from change control to static analysis, through to penetration testing and intrusion detection and monitoring.

Led by Dan Billing, the Test Doctor, this recorded webinar examines techniques, tools, and learning that will support your teams and drive positive change. Presented by the Idera DevOps Tools team.


  • Identifying security myths
  • Implementing good security practices
  • Integrating security into your DevOps program
  • Balancing the priorities of security and delivery

By clicking the button “Watch on Kiuwan.com”, you will be redirected to the Kiuwan website. Kiuwan is a sister company of Ranorex that delivers security solutions, and is a member of the Idera DevOps Tools family.

Webinar Details

Language: English
Duration: 60 Minutes



Available 24/7 On-Demand