Combining Automated Functional and Load Testing Webinar — Ranorex

Combining Automated Functional and Load Testing Webinar

In this free webinar you will learn about the benefits of combining functional and load tests. Discover how to integrate Ranorex with NeoLoad to find functional issues that only occur under load conditions.

What you will learn

The holistic approach to testing:

  • Importance of app performance for the user experience
  • Introduction to load and functional testing
  • Benefits of combining load testing with functional testing

Ranorex – NeoLoad Integration:

  • Set-up the integration
  • Understand the modules available in the Ranorex-NeoLoad NuGet package

Test execution of automated functional and load tests:

  • Set-up functional and load tests
  • Start functional and load tests
  • Add and remove virtual users from a load test

Transmit test data:

  • Transmit navigation timing values to NeoLoad tests
  • Handle cross-browser tests
  • Inspect and compare timing values


Language: English
Duration: 60 Minutes


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