Test Automation 101: Windows Desktop Testing

Learn how to use Ranorex Studio’s low-code/no-code tools to build reliable automated tests for Windows desktop applications.

Are you new to Ranorex Studio, or evaluating it for your team? In this introductory webinar, you’ll see a step-by-step demonstration of how to automate a test for a desktop application from beginning to end with Ranorex Studio. No previous experience with Ranorex Studio is necessary. 

Topics include:

  • Using the RocketStart wizard to create a test solution
  • Recording a test
  • Adding validations
  • Identifying elements in the user interface
  • Executing a test
  • Reporting

The demonstration portion of the webinar takes about 45 minutes, and is followed by recorded Q&A with the Ranorex team.

Webinar Details

Language: English
Duration: 60 Minutes