Find that Element! Practical Tips for UI Element Locators

Learn effective strategies to reliably locate UI elements using Ranorex Studio. This session is an update of our popular “Mastering RanoreXPath” webinar.

This on-demand webinar starts with an overview of the basic types of UI element locators for UI test automation. Ranorex engineer Timothy McDoniel talks about the pros and cons of each locator type, then takes a deep dive into using RanoreXPath expressions.


  • Overview of UI element locators and strategies
  • How to choose the right locator for a given use case
  • Deep-dive into the RanoreXPath syntax
  • Troubleshooting locators
  • Q&A with the Ranorex team

The presentation takes about 45 minutes followed by a recorded Q&A with the Ranorex team.

Webinar Details

Language: English
Duration: 45 Minutes


Desktop & Web

Available 24/7 On-Demand