Mastering User Code in Ranorex Studio — Live Webinar

Mastering User Code in Ranorex Studio

Extend your automated tests with user code actions, user code modules, and user code libraries

Add advanced functionality to your Ranorex Studio tests. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create user code actions and user code modules written in C# or VB.NET. You will also see how to share custom code modules with everyone on the team in a user code library.

For the maximum benefit from this webinar, you should have basic experience with Ranorex Studio and fundamental programming knowledge in either C# or VB.NET.


User code actions

  • Understand user code files and representations
  • Convert recorded actions to user code
  • Switch between C# and VB.NET
  • Apply user code actions & arguments
  • Merge actions into user code modules

User code libraries

  • Create a user code library
  • Use a user code library

User code modules

  • Create user code modules
  • Access the repository
  • Integrate code modules into test cases
  • Use module variables
  • Set up test validation in code modules
  • Configure module variables for data-driven testing
  • Use repository variables

Webinar Details:

Language: English
Duration: 60 Minutes


Ranorex Studio