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Strategies for Evaluating Ranorex Studio

In less than an hour, learn how Ranorex Studio can solve your test automation challenges.

Your team needs to keep up with the accelerating pace of development. But selecting and implementing a test automation solution is a major project. Do the tools live up to the hype? Will the expense and effort pay off in improved quality and reduced time to market? This session will explore strategies for launching a successful test automation project and evaluating whether Ranorex Studio fits your needs.

What will you gain from this webinar?

  • Get an overview of the QA tool jungle.
  • Explore how Ranorex Studio can integrate with your existing tools and processes.
  • Understand the benefits of Ranorex Studio in CI/CD/DevOps environments.
  • Learn how to do a Proof of Concept (PoC) for Ranorex.

Determine whether Ranorex Studio is the right fit for your needs

  • Supported technologies
  • Required skills
  • Maintenance and ROI
  • Licensing and pricing

Also included in this webinar:

  • Quick live demo of Ranorex Studio
  • Questions and answers

Webinar Details:

Language: English
Duration: 45 Minutes
Ranorex Studio

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May 07, 2018
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