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Ranorex Studio Beta Program

A program for the pioneers among us: Ranorex Studio enthusiasts who dare to take the next giant leap for test automation.

Ranorex Beta Program

What the program is about

At Ranorex, we are continually evolving our software, adding new and improving existing features, with the goal of providing you with a solution that meets your actual automated testing needs. As part of the Ranorex Beta Program, we are shaping the features of our pre-release software according to the feedback from real users, to make sure they are of the highest possible quality.

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Ranorex Studio Beta Program Application

We are still looking for daring Ranorex Studio enthusiasts to join our program. But beware: This is nothing for the faint of heart. Ranorex Studio beta is a pre-release software version and we are still evaluating which features will finally be included in the next release. By joining, you will be among the first to try out the new features. We rely on you to report if a feature does not work as expected, experience issues with a workflow or have suggestions for further improvements. Your thoughtful feedback will help us in creating a test automation software that meets our shared high quality standards.

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Frequently-asked questions

Who should participate in the Ranorex Studio Beta Program?

We encourage Ranorex customers to participate in the Ranorex Studio Beta Program. Please note that we may close the application for this program once we have enough participants.

Can I install the Ranorex Stduio beta version in parallel to my existing Ranorex Studio version?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

I have filled out the application form. What are the next steps?

Thank you for participating in the Ranorex Studio Beta Program. We greatly appreciate the time you take to shape and improve the next Ranorex Stduio version. Once you have filled out the application form, we will provide you with the next available beta software as soon as it is ready.

How often do you want to release a Ranorex Studio beta version?

We plan on releasing a beta version on a monthly basis.

Why is it important that I provide feedback on the Ranorex beta software?

The Ranorex beta software is a pre-release version, which means that we are still evaluating which features will make it into our next release. We rely on you to send us thoughtful feedback and suggestions on the software and report if you stumble upon issues that still need correction.