With the new version of windows on the horizon, we had a first look at how Ranorex performs in the new environment. As it turns out, it works quite well. In the following, I want to point out a few interesting differences I found between Vista and Windows 7.

The first stop is the new taskbar. Running programs are now represented with large icons instead of a labeled small icon.  Although it feels very different,  it is exactly the same from an automation point of view as in XP or Vista. Tasks are still represented as child items (or buttons)  of a toolbar:


An interesting thing to note is that the “Start”-Button has been promoted to a top-level window and is no longer part of the task bar (In this case the RanorexPath is now “/button” instead of “/menubar/button”).

Most of the built-in tools also received an overhaul. As an example, let’s have a look at the Calculator:


It looks like it has been rebuilt from scratch. If you are interested in details, you can have a look at a  Calculator Ranorex Snapshot file (Right click -> Save As and open with Ranorex Spy).

Last but not least, Windows 7 also comes with Internet Explorer 8.  While this browser will also be available for the older Windows versions, it is definitely an integral part of Windows 7:


The good news it that automation works just the same way as it does with IE6 or IE7, so running web tests should not pose a problem.

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