Ranorex 7.1 has been released! Learn about the highlights of this release, including codeless creation of conditions and Selenium integration improvements.
Read the blog and watch the video to learn how you can master daily automation challenges with Ranorex Automation Helpers.
We're excited to announce the release of Ranorex 7.0! Read this blog to find out how you will benefit from this major software update!
The test suite structure has changed in favor of a flat and more readable test case hierarchy, making the test suite reporting compatible with the JUnit standard.
Ranorex 6.2 is ready for you to download! Learn how you will benefit from advanced technology support and team collaboration features!
A moment of sudden insight. An idea for a feature so amazing, it’d transform your testing task with Ranorex into a moment of enjoyable, reliable, automated testing bliss and save you a good few...
Apple's iOS 10 update for iPhone and iPad lives up to its milestone software version number and implements major changes to your daily phone and tablet routine. Benefit from features such...
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