Intelligent Test Design with AI Testing Tools

May 25, 2023 | Integration, Test Automation Insights

AI for Software Testing

Just about every tech company is exploring the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their processes. While there has been a lot of hype around the technology (and a lot of skepticism) there are ways to incorporate AI testing tools into your workflows to increase productivity and efficiency while saving money.

What Is Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing?

When people think of AI, what typically comes to mind is a program that can think for itself and make decisions. But artificial intelligence has become a kind of umbrella term for a wide range of tools that aren’t necessarily thinking, sentient programs. When talking about AI in software test automation, what we’re talking about is usually a type of machine learning.

One example of the changing definition of AI in software testing is object recognition. This is one of the most popular examples of an AI testing tool, and one that has existed in Ranorex software for a number of years. 

Ironically, while object recognition had long been one of the goals of AI in software testing, it has now become so ubiquitous that many people no longer include it when talking about AI testing tools. 

Once a tool has become normalized and incorporated into standard workflows, it no longer seems like artificial intelligence. But it is certainly an example of an automated testing tool created through machine learning.

AI and Machine Learning in Software Testing

Machine learning is a method of training a program by giving it large amounts of information, kind of like practice cases, until it learns the task parameters and is able to perform a task on its own.

As our white paper explains, to create AI testing tools, you might give a machine learning algorithm example data that compares published testing schedules vs. actuals to teach it how to predict future timelines. That is an example of a supervised machine learning program.

On the other hand, an unsupervised machine learning program is ideal for the identification of affiliations in groups, and other tasks that require sifting through large amounts of data to come to an overall conclusion.

A good use of artificial intelligence can help improve the speed of test cycles by reducing the amount of time required to create and maintain tests. It can also lead to improved, more comprehensive tests that avoid overlapping with each other.

The Benefits of AI in Software Testing

Improved Timelines

The efficient use of AI in software testing can enable staff to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. In a highly competitive landscape, any tool that allows staff to move up their development timelines can be a major benefit to an organization.

Increased Productivity

When staff members are freed up from performing busy work, they have more capacity to work on larger issues. This is great for making a scalable workflow that can grow as the workload grows, or it can allow team members to work on some of the big-picture aspects of their role that they just haven’t had time to address previously. 

This can make employees’ work more meaningful, which helps to increase engagement and overall staff satisfaction. That can make a significant impact on a team that can touch on every aspect of their work.

Reduced Costs

AI testing tools can reduce development and testing costs in several ways. By taking on tasks that would otherwise have needed to be done manually, they can cut back on labor costs. 

Automating tasks can also reduce the risk of human error creeping into the testing cycle. AI testing tools aren’t perfect, and they require a certain degree of supervision and basic verification. But they aren’t going to make the mistakes that an employee performing the same mundane tasks over and over again will inevitably make.

Using AI in Software Testing

Robotics Process Automation

A great way to take some of the most repetitive tasks off of your team’s plate is robotic process automation (RPA). These tools can be used to improve software scalability and allow team members to take on additional tasks while ensuring that work continues to be finished accurately and in a timely manner.

Business Process Automation

While robotic process automation is geared towards automating specific tasks, business process automation (BPA) can take care of entire processes. Examples of processes that can be automated through BPA include data and document entry, taking care of payroll, or sending out push notifications and emails.

Examples of AI Testing Tools

Ranorex software currently uses AI testing tools that have been trained with machine learning to make tests easier to build and execute.

Ranorex Spy

This AI testing tool makes use of reliable object identification using RanoreXPath. It can instantly track UI elements, including dynamic elements, and give detailed information on each instance. Ranorex Spy also covers GUI object recognition, which stores items in the object repository where they can be used in automated tests or shared with other members of the team as snapshot files.

DesignWise Software

Our team created DesignWise to make it easier for developers and testers to quickly generate new tests. Tools like the DesignWise coverage dial help team members develop the right number of tests to achieve proper coverage while eliminating redundancies.

Why Choose Ranorex?

Ranorex is one of the most trusted names in automated software testing. Our software ranks high in customer satisfaction based on its ease of implementation and ROI. We also provide our customers with a wealth of educational resources and a network of support to make sure their experience is successful.

Ranorex Testing Tools

  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Data-Driven Testing
  • Keyword-Driven Testing
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Automation Intelligence
  • Browser Automation
  • Selenium
  • Automated Testing Tools

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