Webtestit Release

Those clever bods at Ranorex HQ are releasing a Selenium and Protractor IDE. To celebrate we are throwing a party, well an official release webinar, and you are invited to this very hot ticket on July 31.

You will see how the lightning-quick Ranorex Webtestit works tirelessly at the boilerplate, so you don’t have to.The webinar will reveal best practices, such as the Page Object pattern, and will give you the ability to build a Selenium test from scratch, before showing you some cross-browser execution awesomeness. Witness just how “mucho” maintainable your Selenium and Protractor tests can be. Before seeing your configuration overhead obliterated by Ranorex Webtestit’s out-of-the-box test automation set up.

The Webinar will be crammed full of practical, hands-on examples, and will include the opportunity for a live Q&A with the Ranorex team.

The target audience are testers with a basic understanding of Selenium and a familiarity with at least one common programming language.

Register now, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Can’t wait for the webinar to take a look? Download your free trial here.