Ranorex User Voice

A moment of sudden insight. An idea for a feature so amazing, it’d transform your testing task with Ranorex into a moment of enjoyable, reliable, automated testing bliss and save you a good few hours of work. As you’re not part of the Ranorex crew and simply won’t get to code this feature into our software yourself, your incredible idea will go to waste. At best, it’d make for a great morning coffee conversation with your colleague.

What if we told you that we found a place where ideas count, and counts turn into actual features on our product roadmap? At Ranorex, we refer to this magical place as Ranorex User Voice. Using this platform, you can be part of our journey to creating the best test automation software. After all, we share the same goal: Align Ranorex to your actual automated testing needs.

Ranorex User Voice – the right place for your ideas on Ranorex

We believe in providing a space where your ideas count. Let us know how we can make your test automation experience with Ranorex even better. Now, you can directly interact with our product management on the Ranorex User Voice platform by

  • submitting feature requests, and
  • voting to get ideas from other users prioritized. If you think an idea from another user is helpful to you, make sure to vote for it!

A few guidelines on how to use this platform:

  • Ranorex User Voice is not intended as a platform to report issues with Ranorex. If you find a bug or run into a problem with Ranorex, please use our Ranorex forum or contact our Support Team. We’ll be more than happy to help you.
  • Check if your idea isn’t already on our product roadmap, ready to be implemented soon.
  • Make sure your idea hasn’t already been suggested. Otherwise votes might be split between those two suggestions and they are both less likely to be implemented. Take this opportunity to vote for the other suggestion!

Do my ideas really matter?

They certainly do. We greatly appreciate your feedback. The more you contribute on this platform by submitting feature requests and voting for ideas, the more likely it is that your idea will make it on our product roadmap.

We’re looking forward to reading your feature requests soon!

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