Release Announcement: Ranorex Studio 9.3.3 Now Available

Aug 31, 2020 | Announcements

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Ranorex Studio 9.3.3. New and existing users may download this latest version from the Ranorex website.

Creating automated tests is a confusing and tedious process for most quality assurance teams. Ranorex Studio uses world-class UI object recognition to make this process powerful and easy to use across a variety of different platforms. Ranorex Studio users can record, maintain, and run automated tests in a fraction of time compared to other automated test suites and manual testing applications. Ranorex Studio also has a powerful API that allows more flexibility for teams who prefer to code their automated tests.

In this maintenance release we addressed several key customer-facing issues:

  • We added a remote pad improvement so users with a single test suite only see that one test suite, not the test suite sequence. This test suite is also now selected by default.
  • Now, a new recording module cannot be created with the same name as an existing repository module and vice versa. This issue was causing user confusion and build issues within Ranorex.
  • Now, a variable is unbound when switching the attribute validation to Exists/NotExists from the Repository level. Default Values are now reset when the attribute validation is changed.
  • We fixed a usability issue in regards to checking and unchecking a checkbox which caused alignment and wrapping issues in the Path from maintenance mode.
  • We also fixed a usability issue in regard to the customer’s ability to make test recordings. The coach notification window was the topmost window that covered all other applications. This has been corrected.

Look for upcoming blog posts highlighting specific improvements that we will be rolling out in the coming months. Sneak peek:  Studio and Mobile usability and quality improvements.

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