Release Announcement: Ranorex Studio 9.5 Now Available

Mar 29, 2021 | Announcements

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Ranorex Studio 9.5. New and existing users may download this latest version from the Ranorex website.

Creating automated tests is a confusing and tedious process for most quality assurance teams. Ranorex Studio uses world-class UI object recognition to make this process powerful and easy to use across a variety of different platforms. Ranorex Studio users can record, maintain, and run automated tests in a fraction of time compared to other automated test suites and manual testing applications. Ranorex Studio also has a powerful API that allows more flexibility for teams who prefer to code their automated tests.

This release includes two new features:

  • Reports merger: combine all reports created by a Ranorex test run into a single PDF, including screenshots and links to test run video reports. For instructions on how to use this feature, refer to the section titled “Enabling PDF Reports Merger” in the Report Settings section of the Ranorex Studio User Guide.
  • Custom run test names: execute tests using the Ranorex Agent and give each test run a custom name to easily distinguish between runs.

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All-in-one Test Automation

Cross-Technology | Cross-Device | Cross-Platform

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