Beside the powerful UI testing functionality of the Ranorex Recorder you can also use it to record and replay recurring tasks on your computer. These recordings can be started directly using keyboard shortcuts and without popping up the Ranorex Recorder Editor.

The Recorder will run the recording and save the Ranorex Report file to the directory where the recording file is located.


  1. Open the Recorder, capture your recurring task and save the recording file (e.g. C:RecordingsRecording1.rxrec)
  2. Open start menu and select “All Programs“->”Ranorex 2.X
  3. Drag and drop (with the right mouse button) the “Ranorex Recorder” shortcut to your desktop and choose “Copy Here”
  4. Rename your shortcut file (e.g. “Start Recording1”) and open the properties by right-clicking and choosing “Properties”
  5. Append following parameters to Target “/quiet /play” and the path of your recording1 file. The Target property should look like then:
    "C:Program FilesRanorex 2.1BinRanorex.Recorder.exe" /quiet /play "C:RecordingsRecording1.rxrec"
  6. Define a shortcut key by clicking into Shortcut Key and press your key combination (e.g. CTRL + ALT + R).
  7. You can start your recording by double-clicking on the shortcut or pressing the global shortcut key
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