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Help Drive the Future of Test Automation

At Ranorex we’re all about test automation. It’s the sense of enthusiasm about what we do and the collaboration with brilliant people – all along aligned with the best technology – that defines us.  Ranorex is a product that involves many areas of expertise. If you excel at what you do and want to share your passion for it, this is the right place for you. Join us in creating the best test automation software possible.

Team Work

We can only achieve our ambitious goals as a team in which we respect each other and communicate. We’re a bunch of talented people and no matter which area we each specialize in, we all have one thing in common – we love what we do and bounce off each other’s ideas. 

Personal Responsibility

We believe in talents and abilities. We work together in small teams, where each team member has the same voice, can handle different responsibilities and make an impact. At Ranorex you can live your potential and develop new ideas.

Continuous Learning

Learning is a gift and inspiration is important. Webinars, trainings, seminars, workshops, all learning materials you could possibly wish for – if we ain’t got it, we’ll get it. 

Inspiring Motivation

Love what you do, show it and share it. Motivation is contagious and your smile at work will contribute to our great atmosphere here.  

Ranorex Team
Ranorex Team

"I especially appreciate that we always have access to the latest technologies at Ranorex."

Dominik S., IT System Engineer

"I cherish that Ranorex understands the importance of work-life balance and actively supports it with flexible working hours."

Roland E., Product Manager
Great Place To Work 2017

Ranorex Rocks. And the Offered Benefits Do Too.

Salary at Ranorex

Competitive Salary

At Ranorex you get what you deserve for your hard work. We offer competitive salary, paid vacation and health benefits.

Work-Life Balance at Ranorex

Work-Life Balance

Flexible working hours allow you to make time for what’s important to you and excel at work even if you’re not a morning person.

Recreation at Ranorex


It’s important to clear your head after a long day’s work. That’s why Ranorex actively supports your healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

Community at Ranorex


Ranorex is like a big family. And we offer family events you’ll actually want to attend.

Snacks at Ranorex


We believe that it’s important to refuel your energy to give your best. That’s why you’ll always find an assortment of healthy snacks and a lot of coffee at Ranorex.

Central Workplace with Ranorex

Central Workplace

At Ranorex, you’re never far from home. Our central workplace locations are easily accessible with public transport.

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Tell us what you’re interested in, what your goals are and why you’re an asset to Ranorex. We’ll help you find the ideal position within our team.

Still studying?

Kick-start your career at Ranorex. Contact us to enquire about possible student jobs, internships, master projects or bachelors and master thesis topics.

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