"We found Ranorex as a reliable automated testing tool which easily integrated into any development and testing process. Ranorex helped us to easily create automation scripts which could handle multiple devices, and software applications."

Harpreet Singh Sethi, Senior Manager, PND Product Unit at TomTom

"In total the test execution times of the test automation projects were significantly improved. In conjunction with a new test case design, ease of use, the functionality of the software and C# as the standard programming language, new test cases can now be implemented more effectively than with the old software. The results up to now indicate that much less time is needed for execution with Ranorex robust tests compared to the previously used automation tool."

Test Software Development Lead, Siemens Healthcare Computed Tomography

"Our company needed a “silver bullet” to aid in the automated testing of our wide variety of technologies. As we evaluated Ranorex, it solved so many of the problems we had faced. We needed support for .NET, Adobe FLEX & FLASH, WPF, among others; and we especially liked the power that RanoreXpath gave to use to resolve problems with dynamic components."

Stephen Harmon, Control4

"We decided on Ranorex based on the technologies it supports, simple integration with .NET using familiar languages like C# and, most importantly, its robust object recognition capabilities (Flex, Flash, ASP.NET and HTML)."

Natasha Bykhovsky, Industrial Color Software

"Having been in Quality Assurance and Test Automation for more than a decade, I've seen and used many different test automation solutions. Not only is Ranorex's solution one of the most powerful and easy to use, it has one of the lowest cost entry points resulting in a quicker ROI and their end user support and communication has been second to none."

Christofer Gendreau, Senior Automation Quality Assurance Engineer, Hard Dollar Corporation

"After evaluation of seven (7) UI automation tools to support our flex application we identified Ranorex as the tool that best met our requirements. With Ranorex Premium the identification of the objects, ease of setup and scripting, and overall programming interface exceeded those of the other tools."

Roy Enneper, SIS-Leb Engineering Mgr, TomTom

"We evaluated many products searching for an automation tool that would work well with our Silverlight UI. Ranorex won hands down. Ranorex Support has been great. They’ve helped us work through issues with third party controls and with Silverlight complexities. The product gets better with every release!"

Mike Buckley, Automation Developer, Unidesk Corporation

"I am extremely impressed by the suite of tools from Ranorex and rapid and detailed support on offer; This is arguably the best automation tool suite I have used in nearly 8 years of testing."

Phil Scrace, Red Gate Software Ltd

"Having been in Test Automation for more than a decade, I've seen and used many test automation solutions. I primarily used SilkTest, TestComplete and Perl scripts before. I was surprised when I discovered Ranorex and found its excellent object recognition capabilities and powerful language (C#). We have evaluated several automation tools, incl. AutomatedQA and SilkTest for our current projects at Freeslate. Ranorex was chosen, because it combined power and simplicity of use. Ranorex has superior custom object recognition, which makes it possible to automate even very difficult test cases and scenarios. The ability to load .NET framework libraries, makes the tool beyond reach for most competitors! We used Ranorex to create smoke and functional test suites. After creating function libraries and automating test cases, we found out that the tool could also be used in reproducing defects/automating use cases, which were very hard to do manually."

David Shtern, Freeslate Inc.

"After trying several UI test tools, we were most impressed with the Ranorex suite. The tools allow us to rapidly author and execute tests for our WPF applications. Additionally, the Excel plug-in is a huge win for us, especially since we’ve found no other test products that robustly handle Excel interactions."

Craig Lichtenstein, Varigence Inc.

"Thanks for the great support. HP could only dream of providing “useful” support like this."

Jason Krohn, Lead Test Analyst, SSP worldwide

"We installed trial versions of several products and attempted to use them in a realistic testing scenario. Ranorex was clearly the best match for our needs."

Ron Von Aken, COO, Barr Systems LLC

"I’ve purchased and successfully implemented Ranorex 2.x at 3 different firms. In each case, the end to end acquisition cycle of initial sales contact, proof of concept, technical support and final sale has been nothing but pleasurable. For each installation the service I received was consistently stellar, there were no “hard sell” tactics and each person I interacted with was informed, engaged and interested in seeing me succeed. I haven’t had this kind of tool acquisition experience in years."

Matthew Boland, QA Architect/Consultant, RapidBuyr

"We evaluated several tools before selecting Ranorex, initially, due to the fact that Xpath could detect components from our custom UI library (unlike the other tools). However, this reason dwarfs in comparison to all the other benefits we have since discovered. The support is phenomenal and helped resolve issues in a very timely fashion. (it is almost as if they are part of the team!). Since the tool uses .NET as its scripting language, it did not require any special training and has enabled the QA Team to incorporate code from the Developers. All of these advantages have resulted in a quicker ROI, and the low price point is a big hit with the Finance department."

Gorav Arora, Project and QA Manager, Gavel and Gown Software

"I got two other engineers in a war room and we drew straws … Each of us used a different tool – HP QTP, Watir, and Ranorex – to build 7 tests that ran in a minimum of 2 browsers ... Ranorex won hands down. Watir beat Ranorex in one category – ability to launch 4 browsers and run headless with celerity. However, the configuration for that setup is complex and not easily duplicated. The speed of Ranorex over HP QTP is ridiculous. Having C# makes it a no brainer."

Jerry Welch, IS Quality Assurance Manager, The Container Store

"We have years of experience with different web test automation technologies. Ranorex is the only one that provides a comprehensive suite of tools including an IDE, xpath finder (i.e Spy), a runtime, combined with a high quality test platform with a minimum of false positives. Based on our first 12 months with Ranorex, we have made the choice to consolidate our web test automation on Ranorex."

Akbar Ahmed, CEO, Sipensys

"Ranorex covers complete test cycles. Especially the opportunity to test several operations collaterally has been one of the prime reasons for our decision to use the software. The integration in our existing IT environment has been very smooth so that we have been able to get to work immediately."

Carsten Hütgens, Senior Developer, hsp Handels-Software-Partner GmbH

"Ranorex is simple and elegant. Our employees love the product. The solution incorporates many improvements over the traditional method of testing and applying automation."

Christopher Dax Coan, CEO & CTO, Hershey Systems Inc.

"I have seen many tools for automated tests, Ranorex certainly stands out from this group. It is characterized by a slightly different approach, which brings it into Highend products areas."

Marcin Z., Owner of testandtry.com

"...We were able to quickly use it to record everything from simple to complex testcases, fine-tune and run them. Components are identified by an Xpath like dialect (RanoreXpath), which is automatically written for you when recording or when using the Ranorex Spy tool..."

Josselin Lebret, Senior Software Engineer at Blue Infinity

"Because Ranorex tests applications from a user’s point of view, it is a better alternative to conventional testing tools. And because it provides increased testing accuracy and ease-of-use, it is an even more appealing tool."

George Norman, Software Editor at FindMySoft
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