"We decided on Ranorex based on the technologies it supports, simple integration with .NET using familiar languages like C# and, most importantly, its robust object recognition capabilities (Flex, Flash, ASP.NET and HTML)."

Natasha Bykhovsky, Industrial Color Software


  • Extensive automation for web application based on various technologies (Flex, Flash, ASP.NET and HTML)
  • Release and deployment testing in a parallel development environment with multiple versions of source code
  • Integration into the automated build process, with robust reporting, error handling and notification
  • Testing of advanced flex functionality such as Spark component sets and Dynamic Data Grids

Being a small team we needed something that supported the various technologies we utilize, integrated easily into our current development process, and was something that we could hit the ground running with.


After evaluating various tools, we decided on Ranorex based on the technologies it supports, simple integration with .NET using familiar languages like C# and, most importantly, its robust object recognition capabilities.

After including the Ranorex libraries in our project, we never saw a problem in testing the latest SDK from Adobe including Spark skins, new layout components, and visualization of data lists. With RanoreXPath object identification, changes in layout and dynamically shifting data were recognized immediately and without any updates required. New elements could be added easily to our object repository using the tracking tool integrated into Ranorex Studio. This was a key selling point for us, as many Flex testing tools were GUI based, or object paths were not very flexible, and any small change in the UI or layout required maintenance to the test suite.


We created a smoke test for our entire system and have started branching out into more exhaustive functional tests. We customized the Ranorex reporting system so that results are published to an internal website where users could view the latest test results and see how many tests passed/failed at a glance. The test suite produces reliable results and Ranorex shifts seamlessly from Flex portions of the application to HTML, and back.

Our Ranorex project is now fully integrated into our daily build process. Emails with daily test results are sent out to the engineers and we are able to identify and track down errors much more efficiently for our daily development builds. Our production deployment time for patches has also decreased by about 50%.

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