TomTom, the global leader in navigation and mapping products, wanted to automate Bluetooth IOP tests on iOS and Android based systems for their innovative Portable Navigation Device (PND) feature called "Bring your own connectivity". People can connect with mobile phones via Bluetooth to get real-time traffic information on the TomTom navigation device.

On a mission to reduce traffic congestion for all – TomTom is already reducing travel times for individual TomTom drivers by up to 15%, and since 2004 they have sold over 75 million PNDs. In the future they will reduce traffic congestion for everyone by making the best possible use of the existing road network.

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Industry: Consumer Electronics

Best known for being a global leader in navigation and mapping products, TomTom also produces GPS sports watches, as well as state-of-the-art fleet management solutions and industry-leading location-based products. TomTom empowers movement – the company designs and develops innovative products that make it easy for people to keep moving towards their goals.

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Technologies Used

TomTom has made use of the following technologies:
"In the past we were manually executing our tests and it took us ten man days, but now we can execute them automatically with Ranorex within four hours. Ranorex saves us lot of time
and provides us with reliable test results."

Harpreet Singh Sethi – Senior Manager, PND Product Unit at TomTom


Before introducing Ranorex to the testing organization, TomTom used Calabash for test automation but faced challenges around the reliability and maintainability of existing test automation scripts, multiple APKs and the ease of use of the tool. End-to-end tests involved considerable effort in manual testing, and TomTom was not willing to invest the time. Moreover, the test automation software that they were using did not have an integrated development environment. That made it very difficult to debug.

In the end it was precisely these unfilled test automation needs that became the deciding factors in searching for a new test automation software solution to meet TomTom's future requirements and strategies in mobile test automation. Additionally, the company's needs, among them consistently ensuring customer satisfaction, were driven by the following critical success factors: product quality, time to delivery, maintainability, reliability and quick feedback.


After a long and detailed evaluation process that included a number of test automation tools (MonkeyTalk, EggPlant, DeviceAnywhere), TomTom decided to work with Ranorex as it best met the company's goals in improving the quality and efficiency of product development.

Ranorex provided TomTom with a cost-effective and easy-to-use test automation solution.

The all-in-one GUI test automation software was broadly accepted at TomTom – even by small and agile testing teams. The test team consists of automation professionals working in a fast-paced agile environment. Rapid adaption of Ranorex confirmed the advantageous learning curve in working with Ranorex Studio.

Agile test environment
Agile test environment

Additionally, the Ranorex support team, experts in test automation of mobile technologies, was deeply committed in helping TomTom's test team create automated tests more efficiently. They assisted the team with the setting up of a robust test framework, which included overcoming instrumentation challenges.

With the goal of accelerating the software testing process and reducing time to final delivery, TomTom selected Ranorex because they wanted a solution that is able to seamlessly create reliable, maintainable and reusable test automation suites

Moreover Ranorex also provides robust object identification, multiple technology support, ease in scaling, great screenshot and automated reporting capabilities and could easily integrate into any development process (e.g. Continuous Integration) or tool (e.g. Jenkins) were also decisive factors in terms of meeting key requirements for starting test automation with Ranorex.

Ranorex test automation support
Ranorex assisting in setting up a robust test framework

How Ranorex Helped

TomTom, a company specializing in designing and developing innovative navigation, mapping and sports products, wanted to implement test automation for their consumer products.

For their Portable Navigation Device product (TomTom PND), integration testing is an essential part in the product life cycle. After integrating all the components, the final product has to be tested manually; this is a long and tedious process.

One of the PND projects in which Ranorex is involved is testing the feature called "Bring your own connectivity". People can connect with mobile phones via a Bluetooth connection to get real-time traffic information on the TomTom device. Test cases within Ranorex include the testing of the Bluetooth Interoperability (IOP) on Android and iOS based mobile phones.

Senior Manager in the PND Product Unit at TomTom, Harpreet Singh Sethi, emphasizes that with Ranorex, reliable test automation including support for multiple APKs and the ability to run automated test cases across multiple devices and platforms is possible for the first time.

"We found Ranorex as a reliable automated testing tool which easily integrated into any development and testing process. Ranorex helped us to easily create automation scripts which could handle multiple devices, and software applications."

Harpreet Singh Sethi – Senior Manager, PND Product Unit at TomTom

Ranorex helped TomTom manage extremely complex test automation suites. The team uses the Ranorex solution extensively because it was so easy to get up and running. The learning time for the software is very low compared to other solutions and Harpreet’s team realized greater productivity in just a short time.

With the use of Ranorex, TomTom had sped up the testing process and increased their test coverage significantly. It’s no longer necessary to do as many mock tests. Harpreet says that before Ranorex, TomTom needed a lot more time to do the same testing job as is required today. "In the past we were manually executing our tests and it takes us ten man days, but now we can execute them automatically with Ranorex within four hours. Ranorex saves us lot of time and provides us reliable test results," Harpreet commented. TomTom products offer enormous time savings when traveling from A to B in everyday traffic chaos – put simply, TomTom gets you there faster. Ranorex helps TomTom to reduce the time needed when it comes to mobile automated testing of the company’s consumer products.


with Ranorex Automated Tests

Ranorex gives TomTom a way to build tests that could not have performed before, such as tests including interaction between multiple devices. 

TomTom also needed Ranorex’s capacity to integrate with HP tools because they use HP as their Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution for test case management of both manual and automated test cases. Connecting Ranorex test cases within HP ALM is a seamless effort.

Harpreet concluded by stating "I absolutely recommend Ranorex" and refers to the advantages he already mentioned: Ranorex quickly paid off.

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