Ranorex focuses on developing and delivering tools for automated testing to 60+ countries globally. Our partner network allows us to provide the highest-level of services to our growing Ranorex customer base.

Partner Categories

  • Service Partners are certified to deliver professional services and consulting around Ranorex. They help our clients implement Ranorex as part of their internal test strategy and provide excellence throughout the testing process. 


  • Distribution Partners are part of our sales network and provide regional Ranorex expertise to our global markets.  

  • Technology Partners use our proven solution and extend it with plug-ins, adapters, connectors and technical services. They ensure that Ranorex provides more value to our customers and expands the functionality to cover more of your needs.

Partner Benefits

  • Test automation has become a necessity to cover the vast technology landscape. By joining the Ranorex family, you are part of an incredible success story. Tap into a huge market and grow with the fastest growing solution in test automation.

  • Being showcased as a Ranorex certified partner is a quality mark. We are all about quality, not quantity. Your Ranorex certification designates you as a thought leader in test automation and highlights your Ranorex competency.

  • As a Ranorex partner you are the first to know about our product upgrades, strategy and roadmap. You have direct access to our test automation experts and we continuously provide workshops for our partners. We make sure you are up to the task when it comes to test automation with Ranorex.

  • When you are at the customer our test automation experts assist you when needed. We want to ensure that you have everything you need to shine in front of your client.
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