Advice on number and type of License to get

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Advice on number and type of License to get

Post by QAAutomation » Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:28 pm


Could you advice? Our group of 5 is looking to use Ranorex integrated in Visual Studio; with most(or all) of script writing/editing will be done in Visual Studio. Will this solution work; get Runtime Licenses (5 total: 1 on each test server machine, running to multiple: 10 test client virtual machines), and one Floating premium Licence. Do we need one or more floating Premium Ranorex Studio license to use non editing features like Ranorex Spy? Some additional notes: we also wont be deploying tests nor source control from Ranorex Studio. Thanks in advance!

Tldr: will this work
5 users (as test server using Visual Studio)
Visual studio running tests in 10 vms (no ranorex license)
What to buy:
5 Runtime license
1 Floating Premium Ranorex Studio license ( or maybe not even?)

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Re: Advice on number and type of License to get

Post by odklizec » Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:10 pm


Runtime license is just for running tests. You will not be able to create tests (not even start Spy) with this kind of license.

Also, with 5 floating runtime licenses, you will be able to simultaneously run tests on 5 machines. If you need to run tests on more machines (at the same time), you will need more licenses.

As for creating tests, you will have to buy Premium license, no matter the tests will be developed in VS and not in Studio. In my opinion, one floating license will not be enough for 5 developers. You see, with one floating license, only one developer will be able to work with Ranorex and the rest of developers will have to wait for the end of development session. Floating license does not mean to be used (simultaneously) by unlimited number of developers. It only allows to run Ranorex on multiple computers (one at a time), without the need to buy and install “locked” license for each computer.

PS: to be quite honest, I consider developing Ranorex tests purely in VS a great waste of money and energy. By using just VS, you are throwing away some great Ranorex tools and entire framework, which means you will have to write almost everything from scratch. For example, you will loose Ranorex repository. This alone is a major drawback of using VS instead of Ranorex Studio.
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Re: Advice on number and type of License to get

Post by krstcs » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:04 pm

I completely agree with Pavel.

If all 5 of your test developers will be writing tests at the same time, then you will need 5 Premium licenses (floating or node-locked). If you have one or two that will be working at different times (such as in a different timezone that doesn't overlap with yours) then you might get a way with 3 Premium licenses, but regardless, you need a license for each user that will be writing tests at the same time.

If you want to run 10 tests at a time, you will need 10 runtime licenses.

You should not run multiple tests on the same system at the same time as this can cause issues.

Licenses are per GUEST system, on a VM cluster, not for the host server. The GUEST system is the Operating system that will be running the test locally, so it must be licensed locally. You should not run tests on a host VM server targeted at software running on the guest system, or through RDP. The Ranorex test must be run locally to the software being tested (meaning on the same VM guest/OS).
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