Anyone ever used Ranorex for Test-Automation?

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Anyone ever used Ranorex for Test-Automation?

Post by tejas97 » Tue Dec 08, 2020 8:37 am

So I started a new position as an Automation Engineer. My background is within Selenium, but I'm honestly tired of the out-dated UI and the effort it requires to maintain selenium, the amount of explaining necessary (for non-QA people), and the belief system that Selenium is the pinnacle in QA Automation.

Selenium is great. It's just not as progressive as I'd like in automated GUI Testing. Or even for regression testing. So, I figured I'd explore some other options. I started a trial for Ranorex, and while it's not's a pretty great product and I was curious if anyone else has used both it and Selenium ?

If you have used both, which do you prefer? Why? I'm leaning towards Ranorex at this juncture, even with the cost. But I'd love to hear other opinions.