Anyone tried Parallel Testing with Virtual Machines

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Anyone tried Parallel Testing with Virtual Machines

Post by natdare » Sat Jul 11, 2020 6:07 am


I saw this Ranorex Webinar where they explained how to perform parallel testing with Virtual Machines but I still need more input on it the webinar was on a very high level

Can you please help me setting up the environment like how can we achieve this in real

The requirement is same, I have 300 + test cases which is taking 12 hours to execute

I have to divide the test cases, so that duration come down to minutes

I have 3 Ranorex Premium licenses and 3 Run Time licenses

So Basically I need help in creating multiple VM's

And another question is will my current Ranorex Licenses will be sufficient

Hope I am able to explain my query here

Please help me with the resolution


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Re: Anyone tried Parallel Testing with Virtual Machines

Post by Stub » Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:32 am

You can separate your tests across multiple test suites, or use several run configurations to partition up a test suite. Then it depends how you plan to deploy the tests to your VMs - manually from Ranorex Studio or via an automated process. I know you can loan a Premium licence from your Ranorex Studio instance to a remote agent, but I have no clue how a remote agent decides which licence to use from the pool when it's automated, as I have yet to try that for myself. I wonder if it limits itself to the run-time licences or whether it borrows a Premium if they happen to be available?

I'd imagine you'll need a lot of VMs running simultaneously to get a 12h test run down to minutes, which will require more licences. You'll need to measure it after analysing the splitting of your tests to figure out the balance that works for you.

Sounds like an interesting challenge!