AOM concept in Ranorex 4.0.2

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AOM concept in Ranorex 4.0.2

Post by AutomationTester » Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:09 pm


I want to schedule script execution using the scheduler from control panel. This i can achieve in qtp using Automation Object Model. Do we have a similar concept in Ranorex?

In qtp i will save the script which would launch qtp & run in a vbs file. Then from the Scheduler i would map this vbs file to be started @ an scheduled time. I want to accomplish this in Ranorex 4.0.2.

Find below the qtp sample code which would do the job i am expecting.

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⇒Start  QTP, open an existing test and Run the Test:

Dim qtApp
Dim qtTest

'Create the QTP Application object
Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") 

'If QTP is notopen then open it
If  qtApp.launched <> True then 


End If 

'Make the QuickTest application visible
qtApp.Visible = True

'Set QuickTest run options
'Instruct QuickTest to perform next step when error occurs

qtApp.Options.Run.ImageCaptureForTestResults = "OnError"
qtApp.Options.Run.RunMode = "Fast"
qtApp.Options.Run.ViewResults = False

'Open the test in read-only mode
qtApp.Open "C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\Tests\trial", True 

'set run settings for the test
Set qtTest = qtApp.Test

'Instruct QuickTest to perform next step when error occurs
qtTest.Settings.Run.OnError = "NextStep" 

'Run the test

'Check the results of the test run
MsgBox qtTest.LastRunResults.Status

' Close the test

'Close QTP

'Release Object
Set qtTest = Nothing
Set qtApp = Nothing 

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Re: AOM concept in Ranorex 4.0.2

Post by Ciege » Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:05 pm

Have you searched the user manual for running Ranorex from the command line?
Sounds like all you want is to create a small BAT or CMD file containing the command line for Ranorex and assign that BAT/CMD file in your scheduler...
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