Can Ranorex adequately handle a large web app?

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Can Ranorex adequately handle a large web app?

Post by tobias86 » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:14 am

I've been experimenting with Selenium to some success, however it's slow going.

Ranorex, as I've used briefly in the past can put a simple suite of tests together rather quickly. However, I'm concerned about scale-ability. The website I'm interested in automating testing for is fairly large in terms of how much test coverage it requires.

Watching video tutorials on modulating test steps gives me the impression that Ranorex isn't designed to really support a larger size web-app with detailed testing parameters. Organizing tests and test steps in general look very messy and clunky in the UI.

How big are the projects you use Ranorex for and how do you manage your tests and suites?

How do you keep it organized?

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Re: Can Ranorex adequately handle a large web app?

Post by N612 » Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:26 pm

Working on both Ranorex and Selenium projects, I can confirm Ranorex is just as scalable (if not more) than Selenium. While selenium is free, it requires a lot of boiler plate code to get going, a lot more test maintenance, and in the long run will cost a lot more engineer time. I have worked on some very large Ranorex projects without any issues.

The only performance slowdowns I encounter are with some very large grids with 10,000+ cells, however, the test never breaks because of this and the same performance issue would occur with any other object-based automation tool.