Case insensitive data binding

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Case insensitive data binding

Post by KevinBrussen » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:20 pm

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So I have a datasource connection to a SQL database for a certain Ranorex testcase. The source it is connected to contains test data that can be exported/imported via certain external tools. Some tools decide to change the first character of a column name with UPPER or lower case, which sometimes leaves my Ranorex executable to crash with the error that it cannot find column 'x', since it has been altered to 'X' by some export/import tool.

So that leads me to think that it would be a nice thing to make the databinding within Ranorex more flexible since I will not have full control on the external tools. Is there a way for me to achieve this solution of case-insensitive databinding?

As far as I understand, the problem is not the source, but the binding to that source in Recording Modules.

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Re: Case insensitive data binding

Post by odklizec » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:39 pm


I think the easiest solution is to enclose the data binded variable in a regular expression, which makes the variable case-insensitive. I'm using something like this in some of my repo xpaths...

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This matches strings regardless of case.
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