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Clean up bug

Post by Alena » Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:15 pm

After clicking "Clean up repository" sometimes Rx would offer to delete items which make me think "I remember I used this object somewhere in the script but it was long time ago (a month or two) and it'd be difficult to find the exact place", I delete what's offered but after some time (usually next day when I open Rx) it gives an error: "No repository item is linked to validation action #N. To correct this problem set the invalid property to a valid value using the item property settings."
In all cases like this the problematic object is in disabled action. So, I guess, there's some problem with disabled actions where Rx cannot directly point to where the object is referenced (through Object context menu - Find code references) but next time all code is updated - Rx notices that the deleted items are missing and code cannot be properly compiled.
Note: recently I updated to v.4.0.4 and had to disable Automatic update and sync (Tools - Options - Rx code generation) due to growing project size and increasing Rx Studio slowness but I noticed this bug before upgrade and disabling this option as well.

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Re: Clean up bug

Post by Support Team » Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:42 pm


Thank you for reporting the issue.
I tried to reproduce the issue, but in my case no unused items were found when some (or all) actions are disabled.
Could you please explain if you are able to reproduce the issue and if yes could you please describe how to reproduce it.
Thank you!