Converting the .rxzlog into PDF

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Converting the .rxzlog into PDF

Post by AutomationViaRano » Thu Aug 06, 2020 3:56 am

Hi Ranorex Team,
This is regarding the Conversion of the Report File (*.rxzlog ) into the PDF for selected Test Cases.

Requirement: At the End of the Execution of my Selected Test Cases for a particular Run Configuration (i.e. Smoke for now), I should get the PDF version of the Report too. However, it is not happening. I have one Test Suite, which has 10 Test Cases. Out of 10, I have classified '5' for Smoke Tests and all of the 10 for Running the Regression. I did use Automation Helpers - ReportToPDF Module. At the end of execution it does suggests that this module was included but PDF is not generated.

Observations: When I created a new Test Suite, added one Test Case, added ReportToPDF Module, I got the report in PDF. I believe, this module creates PDF ONLY if all the Test Cases or complete Test Suite is executed and which convey to the Ranorex that at the end of execution of the Test Suite, the PDF is/will be generated.

Please suggest what changes do I need to make to get the report in PDF for

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Re: Converting the .rxzlog into PDF

Post by mrt » Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:42 am


I am facing the same issue.
The Ranorex Automation Helpers create a PDF quite fine, but only if you run the whole TestSuite.
If you run individual Test Cases, no PDF is created.

I also need to generate PDFs for every single test case, a huge test report of the whole Suite does not makes any sense to me.

So I would greatly appreciate if there is any way to create PDFs automatically after execution on Test Case basis.