Could not find <randomrecording> specified for Main Method (CS1555)

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Ruben F
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Could not find <randomrecording> specified for Main Method (CS1555)

Post by Ruben F » Mon Jul 20, 2020 9:30 am

So I was having a couple of errors after pulling stuff from turtoise and after a point I decided to erase my local repository and to go and clone it back. So far so good, the problem started after opening Ranorex afterwards. After building my project I got an error just saying "Could not find '__RxMain.__RxProgram' specified for Main method(CS1555)" without any information for any file or path.
I'm clueless as for what does this mean. Is there anything I can attempt other than cloning the project yet again?

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Re: Could not find <randomrecording> specified for Main Method (CS1555)

Post by Support Team » Wed Jul 22, 2020 7:57 pm

Hello Ruben F,

Without a copy of the solution it is extremely difficult to make an accurate recommendation. Based on the error the Main Method name may have been changed/deleted somehow. You can verify this by checking the program.cs file within your project. We can also investigate if you provide a compressed copy of your solution.

If you do not wish to share this information on the forums please create a support query so that we may further assist.