Create Ranorex Variables during runtime

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Create Ranorex Variables during runtime

Post by Tobi_G » Fri Oct 16, 2020 10:31 am


I´m currently struggling with creating Ranorex Variables during runtime. My Idea is to create my Ranorex Global Variables within a Script Code from a typical "List of Names" and store them in the Clipboard. So i could Paste them into a Recording module if i wish to.

Here you can see my Dummy Code (it´s not working):
System.Collections.Generic.List<Ranorex.Core.Data.VariableStore.Entry> l = new List<Ranorex.Core.Data.VariableStore.Entry>();
        	Ranorex.Core.Data.VariableStore.Entry entry;
        	Ranorex.Core.Data.VariableStore.Entry.Create("test1",Guid.NewGuid(),"", out entry);

As result i should be able to paste the Variables like in the Screenshot shown.

Can you help me why it´s not working properly?
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Re: Create Ranorex Variables during runtime

Post by odklizec » Mon Oct 19, 2020 6:57 am


I seriously doubt that there is API for on-fly creation of Ranorex variables from code? I've never seen such API and if there is such a thing, its definitely not public ;) I'm sorry, but I somehow don't see the purpose of such thing?
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