Creating a generic variable for key sequence

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Creating a generic variable for key sequence

Post by aeschine1963 » Thu Dec 10, 2020 5:48 pm

Rather new to Ranorex so still learning the ropes.
If this question is repetitive or duplicated, please just send a link to the info:

So, here goes:

I am trying to track a field where I will be saving an OXPS file from a Citrix application.
Basically in a nutshell, create a payment then save a report of that payment.

Since i have to name that file upon save, is there a way to make the same name unique upon each save?
e.g. first run: file is called "Automation_Test_payment_X", 2nd run file is called "Automation_Test_payment_Y", etc...

Is this possible and if so, how?