Error using License Server Tool

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Error using License Server Tool

Post by phhector » Tue May 06, 2014 2:45 pm

Hello guys,

We encounter a strange error message when we're trying to use the License Server Tool to register our license directly from it.
We enter the license key in the "Install licenses" tab, we click on the Install Licence(s) button and then, the following message appears :
"Key ####-####-####-####-####-####-## could not be added. An unexpected error occured while authenticating your license Key.

Error : The Device is not ready"

It's the first time we try this way to activate our license. We usually import the registration file from your web site and manualy integrate it to the license server.

Ranorex Version :
.Net Runtime : 2.0.50727.5477
Port 7266 TCP and UDP ok
license server service runs

Thank you for your help.


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Re: Error using License Server Tool

Post by Support Team » Fri May 09, 2014 4:04 pm

Hi phhector,

In order to analyze the issue in detail I would need some additional information.

May I ask you to answer the following questions:
  • Is 4.02. the version of the Ranorex Studio or the License Server?
  • Is it possible for you to send your license key by mail to [email protected]
May I also ask you if it is possible to update Ranorex and the License Server Tool to a newer version?

Thank you in advance.