Errors after upgrading Ranorex to 9.3 from 6.1

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Errors after upgrading Ranorex to 9.3 from 6.1

Post by shaheen.goradawala » Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:17 pm

I recently upgraded my Ranorex from 6.1 to latest 9.3.3
My solution loaded fine and build without errors on the latest Ranorex
However when I am trying to run a module, I am facing the below error popup:

Loading Test Suite failed...

An error occured while loading TestSuite file 'C:\Apps\git repos\cdis-testing\ranorex\V22\AllOnOff\AllOnOff.rxtst'.
TestSuite XML format is invalid. Nesting only allowed for SmartFolderNode but not for a TestCaseNode'.

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Re: Errors after upgrading Ranorex to 9.3 from 6.1

Post by odklizec » Mon Oct 19, 2020 6:51 am


I believe that Ranorex 9.3 is not able (does not recommend) to directly update 6.x or older solutions, to 9.x format? Once you try that, there is most probably displayed a warning popup with suggestion, that you should first update the solution with version Ranorex 7 or so? But I can be wrong ;) I just remember, that some old solutions required two steps upgrade process?

At next, it seems that your solution contains nested test cases, i.e. a test case in test case? That's not supported by Ranorex 9.x. Typically, this issue should be solved by the solution upgrade process, but as I mentioned above, you may need to upgrade it in two steps?
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