Excel files as data sources

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Excel files as data sources

Post by travisSAEG » Wed Nov 04, 2020 6:00 pm

I am working on using excel files for the data sources within my Ranorex tests. I was planning on creating a folder within the project itself to store the files that I am using so they are version controlled. I am a bit confused though on the creation of the connectors to utilize these files as data sources. There is an option to copy the file to the project. Do I still use this option even though the files are stored within the project and what does it really do? Also can I use relative paths to the files versus the absolute path for the connector? What would a relative path look like? I am using Azure repo as my version control and I eventually want to get an Azure devOps job working to run these tests. How does the files and data source connectors affect this effort for Azure? I have looked in the forum for anything on these questions but cannot find a definitive answer that satisfies me fully.

Ranorex version 9.1.0
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Re: Excel files as data sources

Post by odklizec » Wed Nov 04, 2020 6:32 pm


At first, I would suggest you to update Ranorex with most recent version 9.3.3. It’s not a good idea to use obsolete and no longer supported version.

At next, although Ranorex nicely supports excel files as data connectors, I would suggest to use CSV files instead 😉 Excel files are impossible to easily compare in source control (or windiff or similar tools) and they are not directly editable in Ranorex (unlike CSV files). And finally, working with excel data connectors is significantly slower (especially with growing number of connectors).

Detailed steps how to use external data in source controlled solution, can be found here:
data-source-files-organization-and-main ... tml#p31249
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