Failed to load the assemblies containing the definition

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Failed to load the assemblies containing the definition

Post by avi6666 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:45 am

When i run my automation script, it is getting failed at one point with these Exception and there are some othr cases which have same code, there getting throught the point and getting passed. not sure why only some set of test cases are getting failed at these point only.

Warn WinForms
Failed to load the assemblies containing the definition of this control. UI element identification capabilities for this control are limited.
Exception Failure.

Application is windows desktop application.
OS: windows 7 64 bit.

Any one please help me out.

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Re: Failed to load the assemblies containing the definition

Post by odklizec » Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:54 am


I'm afraid, there is not enough info to provide a reasonable answer.
At first, what's your Ranorex version (latest is 8.1.2)? If you are using something older, then please update it with most recent version. You see, it's pointless to debug a problem in an already outdated version ;)
Are you starting your test in release or debug mode? If in debug, please make sure the Ranorex Studio is started as Administrator.
Could you please post a snapshot of the failing control?
Are you able to reproduce the problem with reduced version of your test? Just few steps interacting with problematic control(s).
Any chance you can post a working sample app (some kind of Hello World app) featuring the problematic controls?
Pavel Kudrys
Ranorex explorer at Descartes Systems

Please add these details to your questions:
  • Ranorex Snapshot. Learn how to create one >here<
  • Ranorex xPath of problematic element(s)
  • Ranorex version
  • OS version
  • HW configuration

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Re: Failed to load the assemblies containing the definition

Post by avi6666 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:36 pm

Sorry for the delayed response i was off the hook for a while.
My ranorex version is 8.1 as of now.
Yes it is in debugger mode and and started as administrator.

while in the process of the execution, at one point, some how it is not able to proceed further and getting failed with this execption.
it is not like it is not identifying some particular element, it is like the execution is just getting struck at one point and failed after defualt wait time.

error with screenshot(in attachments)

Failed to instrument WPF process. UI element identification capabilities for this window are limited. Could not set-up managed injection endpoint: Bootstrapping Ranorex Instrumentation failed. The injection timed out. Probably the AUT is blocking the UI thread. If your application is currently in startup state please try to add a delay action to your Ranorex test application before you execute actions on Ranorex elements to give Ranorex the possibility to load correctly into the AUT.
Process: 'Aveva.GCD.Creator' (pid 48372)
The following website provides more information on this technology limitation: ... eason#2:.1
(This message is only shown once per report.)

can you please me out
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Re: Failed to load the assemblies containing the definition

Post by Support Team » Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:21 pm

Hi avi6666,

First, try the below points to ensure this is not a permission-based issue:
  1. Launch Ranorex Spy and your application under test with administrative privileges
  2. Disable Windows UAC
  3. Ensure Ranorex, your Ranorex test, and your Application under test are stored on a local, non-network, non-encrypted drive
  4. Verify your application under test and Ranorex are running with elevated privileges in Windows Task Manager
If the issue persists, are you able to duplicate these issues in a new solution in Ranorex 8.2.0 or on another machine? Also, please provide the following so we may better understand your environment and issue:
  • Ranorex Snapshot(s) of your application under test where you experience the issue(s) (not a screenshot)
  • The code you are using that sometimes passes and other times fails
  • Ranorex Trace logs - %userprofile%\Documents\Ranorex\Logs (zip directly after reproducing the issue)
  • If possible, the AUT itself (or sample of which produces the same issue)
If you wish to troubleshoot this in a more private manner, please create a new support query referencing this forum thread.

I hope this helps!