Feature Request: Log start of each testcase on console

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Feature Request: Log start of each testcase on console

Post by Christoph » Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:47 am


Would it be possible to add the following feature: Whenever a testcase starts executing a log entry would be writte to the console indicating which testcase is about to start. Something like "[Info] [TestcaseStart] Testcase 'xyz' starts executing". This entry would not need to be in the ranorex log, just on the console. The part "[Info][TescCaseStart]" would always need to be the same. (Of course instead of [TestCaseStart] something else that makes sense could be written, but it would need to be unique and always the same.)

The reason for this request:
We launch the Ranorex testsuite from our build server (Teamcity). The testsuite gets executed on a different machine. We capture the Ranorex Console output and send some of the entries (mainly Warning, Error, Failure, Testcase success) to the buildserver where it appears in the build server log. When the build fails, because Ranorex failed, one would get a pretty good idea what went wrong by just looking at the build log. Of course for detailed information one would need to examine the Ranorex log.

Thanks for consideration.


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Re: Feature Request: Log start of each testcase on console

Post by Support Team » Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:37 pm


This feature is already implemented.
The console output for that looks similar to:

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[2013/04/19 14:36:38][Info][User]: Test Case 'TestCase1' started.
Please let me know if it helps in your case.

Markus (T)