Getting CurrentTestContainer ReportLevel

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Getting CurrentTestContainer ReportLevel

Post by cpalex » Mon May 18, 2020 5:54 pm

I have some code I would like to run, only if the current report level is Debug.

I can use the current test suite debug level in the TestSuite.Current.ReportLevel, but since each container or test case can have a level other than Inherit, I need to know the actual report level of the test container.

While debugging, I can see the local variable of ReportLevel for the TestSuite.Current.CurrentTestContainer, but I cannot actually use it in code

What would be the proper way to tell what the current report level was?

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Re: Getting CurrentTestContainer ReportLevel

Post by Stub » Tue May 19, 2020 8:20 am

What do you mean by, "I cannot actually use it in code"?

If it's "Inherit" can you recurse up the ParentContainer hierarchy until you find the report level it's inheriting?