Having weird problem with Edge testing

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Having weird problem with Edge testing

Post by Aracknid » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:07 pm


In a previous post ( https://www.ranorex.com/forum/sample-co ... 11067.html ), I mentioned I figured out how to dynamically create the endpoint in code and run locally against Edge. So here's the weird thing... it was working fine and then I started having problems. Let me give some details...

Using code like in my previous post, I run a script which starts Edge locally (selenium server is also running locally), and the script succeeds logging into my app.

This spawns another Edge window. In my code, I get a collection of all the DOM objects and I iterate through them to find the correct one. By default when I start my script, I kill all browsers and edge objects. When the script is/was working, there are 4 DOM objects on the local machine; my first one that was created using the Host.Current.OpenBrowser command, the second one spawned by logging in, and 2 Windows ones that always seem to be there (BING and something else). The code in my framework to get the DOM collection is simply Host.Current.Find("/dom"). When it is not working, which seems to be the case now, it only finds the DOM launched with OpenBrowser. This is very weird, because it definitely was giving me all 4 DOM objects before. I didn't change any code that impacts this, but I did stop and start the Selenium Server and reboot the system. Also, I was playing around with setting up a Selenium Grid but wasn't using it with this script.

I'm wondering what is the expected behavior here. Should I only be able to see the DOM that I launched, or should I see all the DOMs.

BTW: You might want to create a new Forum group/section for Selenium testing related questions. I have a feeling it will become very popular.